Behavioral Data Barometer: Interview with Oliver Weyergraf, Founder and CEO of GapFish

Welcome to our second interview for the Behavioral Data Barometer:

We have interviewed Oliver Weyergraf, who founded GapFish in 2012. GapFish is an online survey specialist for online panels in Germany, Austria and German- and French-speaking Switzerland and has been using Wakoopa's passive metering technology since 2014.

Interview with Oliver Weyergraf, Founder and CEO of GapFish


How did passive metering change your position as a panel provider?

The addition of passive data measurement into our product portfolio helped us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors as a new, innovative provider.

How has GapFish incorporated passive metering in its panel model?

Through the implementation of passive metering technology into our panel, we are able to combine passive data with online questionnaires as a new survey model.

Panelists are asked to download the data collection app and receive an additional monthly incentive for that. By doing so, there are considered to be “Premium” panelists.

What do you see as the main challenges and/or key success factors when dealing with passive metering in your specific markets?

It’s still very tough to sell, but the German clients are starting to show more and more interest in the passive measurement technology and the data analysis possibilities.

The end clients in Germany have to be persuaded to invest more in passive measurement. So far, they find this interesting, but are not willing to spend the appropriate amounts on this research.

What is your key take-away from dealing with behavioral data?

Panelists do not remember every site they visit. Collecting passive data gives further insights in otherwise lost information.

The combination of passive data and interview results is the key to new innovative data analysis.

In the future, passive measurement will gain more relevance in the German market.

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