It's July already!? Time for a mid-year update!

Don't blink... We already passed the first six months of 2016 – and what an amazing first half it was!

In February, we were acquired with our parent company Netquest, by GfK. Together, our complimentary values, expertise, and technology foster new and bold horizons for the future of data and the market research industry.

Day in, day out, we work with unremitting focus to become the gold standard in passive metering. We've published case studies, advocated best practices in behavioral research and are at the forefront of the privacy protection.

With our launch of Wakoopa Hub we have made a tremendous step towards the adoption of behavioral research by lowering the barriers of entry. This marketplace for behavioral data gives researchers cost-effective access to global resources of high quality data from premium panel partners via a single point of contact.

When developing our products, we strive for the best user experience. Our most recent update showcases our new simplified installation flow for our iOS solution. We have implemented new features such as on-device direct installation feedback (via live tests) and an overall improved navigation to make the installation as user friendly as possible.

You're done!

What's next?

By no means are we done. So what to expect from Wakoopa in the coming months? A lot. And more of the same.

We will continue to deliver the best technology and support the latest operating versions (Android Nougat anyone?). Next to this, we will further improve the user experience of all our products, for our clients as well as for research participants and exceed the bar we have set.

Wakoopa Hub will expand with new partners, increasing our coverage of countries and delivery capabilities.

All of this aims to deliver a better research experience to all parties involved in the market research value chain:

  • A better experience for research participants.
  • Innovative ways to support panel companies and panel models.
  • Better, more accurate data supporting research designs.
  • More insightful research at a lower investment.