How to deal with behavioral data: The Behavioral Data Barometer

Have you ever wondered about how to implement passive metering but didn't know where to begin?

To help you get a better understanding on how to approach behavioral data, we created a new blog series: The Behavioral Data Barometer.

What is this series about?

The Behavioral Data Barometer is an experiment by Wakoopa that shows how companies are using passive metering and behavioral data.

We will publish a series of interviews with established market research companies, panel companies and behavioral data advocates about their opinions and experiences with behavioral data.

We have designed this series to share knowledge about behavioral data and to provide insights into the crucial challenges and opportunities when dealing with behavioral data.

Our goal is to showcase how researchers have adopted this type of data and why it is raising the bar on value added research practices.

Follow our blog series to learn more about how to deal with passive metering and behavioral data. We will publish our first interview with a lot of helpful insights on behavioral data tomorrow.