Teaching behavioral data: WHAT Workshop 2017

To kick off WHAT 17, we organized a half day workshop on April 25th. The workshop was open to everybody curious about working with behavioral data in R, and included hands-on trainings to help the participants develop their analysis skills and learn how behavioral data can fuel new consumer insights.

We had initially planned the workshop for 18 participants. We set that limit to make sure everybody would benefit from the hands-on training atmosphere. As we found out later, we definitely could have had two sessions - the people on the waitlist could have filled another workshop!

When the first participants started arriving, workshop leaders Carlos, Zoltán and Bert made sure everybody was set up to follow the intensive R course we had in store for them.

Once all the machines were set up, our host Simon opened the workshop and welcomed everybody.

The first part of the course was 'Introduction to R', where Carlos explained the basic concepts of R, the logic behind it, and the objects. This background information prepared the participants for the second and third part of the course, where the exploration of real-life behavioral data began.

"The R workshop, connecting with other data nerds... [was] really thought provoking and also fun.”

After a short break the section on 'Exploratory data analysis with behavioral data' started, where the participants learned how to deal with more than a million observations. They also discovered how to read in the data, access it, run basic statistics and deal with 'time'.

After a delicious Dutch-style lunch of a variety of sandwiches, the course entered the third and final stage – 'Getting insights from the data' – where participants were given free reign to apply their previously learned knowledge to the behavioral dataset (of course, under the watchful eye of our teachers!).

"It was good to be around likeminded people and have a good time while learning."

At the end of the course, in recognition of their successful completion of the intensive analysis workshop, the participants received a special diploma.

"Very inspired by the workshop."

After the intense five-and-a-half hour course, the participants were invited to enjoy a drink at TQ's bar and discuss everything they had learned with each other.

"The workshop was useful, insightful, and relevant."

Afterwards, those who still had the energy joined other conference attendees at bar Louis in Amsterdam for the official pre-WHAT Conference drinks!

Overall, the workshop was a day filled with interactive behavioral data learning, networking, and fun - 100% of respondents would come again, and would recommend the workshop to their friends. 100% also rated the workshop content, location and organization 4 stars or more! We want to thank all the participants for being great students, and we hope to see you all again soon!

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