Wakoopa announces collaboration with GMO Research


We are happy to share that we partnered up with GMO Research!

GMO Research is a one-stop research solution platform provider, offering one of the largest multi-country online consumer panel network in Asia – the Asia Cloud Panel.

This partnership brings GMO Research into the expanding Wakoopa Hub network. We launched Wakoopa Hub in May of this year which provides behavioral data to market researchers through a global network of panel companies that have implemented Wakoopa technologies into their panel. This marketplace broadens industry access to behavioral data while simplifying the purchase process and driving economies of scale.

Through the partnership with GMO Research, Wakoopa Hub is now extending its reach to the Asian market, including Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Simon van Duivenvoorde, Managing Director of Wakoopa, said “We are excited about this partnership with GMO Research, even more so because it increases our availability in the Asian market. This cooperation provides both parties with the opportunity to unlock and offer new consumer insights in Asia.”

Shinichi Hosokawa, CEO of GMO Research, said, “We are thrilled to be in this partnership with Wakoopa. Asia is truly a diversified market and a perfect field to combine the behavioral data obtained with Wakoopa with the "answer" data collected with questionnaires that explains the ‘Why’. With this we will be able to bring to our clients a more holistic understanding of the consumers.”

About Wakoopa

Wakoopa is the world's leading supplier of passive metering technologies. Together with panel and market research companies we unlock user centric behavioral data that fuels innovative research designs, such as consumer journey studies and audience profiling. The consumer insights from this data help brands inform important business decisions and improve their customer experience.

Other Wakoopa Hub partners include Netquest, Respondi, SoapBoxSample, YouGov, STEM/MARK, MindTake Research and GapFish.

About GMO Research

GMO Research offers an online research solution platform that allows access to over 20 million online consumer panelists across 13 APAC countries. GMO Research is also a part of and backed up by GMO Internet Group - one of the largest Internet Conglomerates in Japan with number one Japanese market share Internet Security, Payment Processing, E-Commerce Solutions, Web Hosting, Domain, FX Trading, and number of internet-related technologies.

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