Wakoopa Hub: Your marketplace for behavioral data

Wakoopa Hub

Over the past months we've been working on our mission to make online behavioral research available for all researchers on a global scale.

Behavioral data collection fuels innovative research designs and better research results. To easily access high quality behavioral data, we've created a solution that gives you the opportunity to get behavioral data globally.

Today is the day of announcing the launch of your new marketplace for behavioral data: Wakoopa Hub

Global availability of behavioral data

Our behavioral data is available through a global network of established panel partners, leveraging the relationships they have with their panelists.


Would you like to become a panel partner? Read more here.

About Wakoopa

Founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, Wakoopa is the world's leading supplier of passive metering technologies. Wakoopa unlocks high quality behavioral data from research participants on personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

Together with online access panels and market research companies we establish user centric behavioral datasets. This data fuels innovative research designs such as consumer journey studies and audience profiling.


You are most welcome to get in touch with us or one of our panel partners to find out how we can support your research objective with behavioral data. 


Simon van Duivenvoorde
Managing Director

+31 20 7372 578


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