Wakoopa panel partners launch new behavioral data tools

The past few months have brought exciting innovations to the field of behavioral data. In order to maximize the utility of passively tracked data, two of our panel partners - MindTake and respondi - took their research to the next level by building tools on top of our passive metering solution. Beyond providing their clients with tracking data, they can now also offer real time data analysis through their new intuitive tools.


On October 25th, respondi launched beatery, a new interactive dashboard which connects declarative and behavioral data to get a more exact, speedier and simple insight into people and markets.

respondi CEO Dr. Otto Helwig said of their latest product that "...with beatery, respondi provides an intuitive and interactive ticket to the data-driven analysis of people and markets.”

By using the latest best-in-class technologies and analysis methods, beatery offers a customized dashboard to help clients accompany customers in their everyday lives reliably and insightfully. beatery tracks the use of digital devices of representatively selected people, combines this information interactively and visually with survey data and supports the analysis of this new dimension of granularity.


Reppublika is a new tool for media reach and real time campaign analysis based on passive metering, launched by MindTake earlier this year.

Reppublika's data is steered by tracking user behavior. The dashboard combines a range of different data sources, including MindTake's existing deep profiling data, the passive metering behavioral data from Wakoopa as well as other sources, cookie data, statistical knowledge from market research specialists, and more. Reppublika can rank every online service, cross-device, according to usage and reach. It can furthermore analyse the flows of traffic between websites, and drill down to the demographic profile of each site’s users on some 40 attributes such as gender, age, education, family status, even car or pet ownership.

We interviewed MindTake founder Klaus Oberecker about his new product earlier this month on our blog. You can find the full interview here.

As proponents of passive metering, we are happy to see the uptake of passive metering as an integrated part of the offering of panel providers. We look forward to seeing this adoption and innovation in behavioral data continue to grow with our clients and the overall market research industry.